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Frequently Asked Questions

Some faqs that may rise in your mind are listed here. If you have some other questions please. Contact Us

What is the meaning of discipline folder and subfolder?

How to create a folder?

Right Click on the space or location where you want to create a folder, then select create a folder. And your folder is thus created for use.

How to create a sub folder?

Firstly you have to open your folder inside which you wish to create another folder. Right click on the blank space and select create a folder.

Can I delete the folder without deleting the files it carries?

Yes you can do that but first of all you have to move all your files to another location before deleting the folder.

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File permission

It is important to keep some things private or allow someone to do certain specific things

Share large videos

Technology is so advance that using it you can share all your huge size videos in seconds

Send Large Files

Do you want to send your best videos, documents, heavy graphic

Share Link

When it comes to the sharing of large file, the issue emerges –the support or space

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