Capebera OCR technology

Most advanced data processing for making searches related to pictures or scanning of document is currently achievable through Capebera OCR technology. Make your work speedy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Define OCR

Contrast between ICR & OCR?

ICR learns various types of writings, styles, fonts while OCR helps is discovering the scanned files, pictures and documents.

How can this OCR technology help the user?

It helps the user to find out their scanned pictures or any scanned documents on paper.

Know more about Capebera's advanced and effective features

Share large videos

Technology is so advance that using it you can share all your huge size videos in seconds

Cloud Security

Security is one’s prior need for storing their materials over online cloud storage

Transfer Photos

You do not have to rush for any USB or multiple transfer required for storing your photos

File Recovery and History

Did someone deleted your significant work?

Store with Capebera and have the best global accessibility sitting from any corner of the world. Use your favorite device and just log in to get started.