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The link sharing give you a door to share large files/videos and even makes the reduction in risk for wrong destinations. Just use the password.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some faqs that may rise in your mind are listed here. If you have some other questions please. Contact Us

What is link? How can it help in sharing?

Can link sharing helpful in sharing huge files with big size?

Yes, with capebera one gets this opportunity to share huge size files using a link.

How can I share?

You can share by: Right click on the shared document, selecting the share option then click on share by link followed by generate a link. Copy-paste the link to the recipient.

Does it secures our file that we want to share??

Yes, Capebera secures your file with multiple protection. It also gives you the action to perform by creating a password for your link so that any mistaken share may not lead to any problem creation.

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Organize Files Folders

Why to keep files gathered in a crowd, making

Share large videos

Technology is so advance that using it you can share all your huge size videos in seconds

Password Protection

Everyone wants to secure what they are sharing in spite of the security provided

File permission

It is important to keep some things private or allow someone to do certain specific things

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