Capebera – More than a storage!

Who cares about space? Capebera is more than a storage. Just Drag and drop your favorites and essentials in just seconds. Or keep your memories secure and organized. Access it from anywhere, anytime from any device.

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Unlimited sharing without downloads

Now using Capebera, your recipients can enjoy access to the shared files without the need of having an account or of downloading it.

Security by Capebera

Best trusted security providing layers of protection for all your files, documents, pictures & more. We make sure that you feel home with us.

Organize your way

From viewing the files in grid, list, dates, alphabets to keeping your files in favorite is now possible. Or create a folder within another. Just organize your way!

What you can do with Capebera?

Save your time and get a help to unclog your space in your device. Enjoy the cost effectiveness, multiple security layers and easy user interface with Capebera.

Store at one place

Store all your files, pictures, videos, documents. Keep it safe with updated security protection, organization & get easy discovery for all your needs.
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Organize and discover in no time

Capebera has brought this wonderful feature of creating a folder within a folder with an efficiency of viewing through drop-downs and searching them with the OCR technologies.
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Fastest upload with drag & drop

Now upload in no time because Capebera bring you the most advance technology of uploading files with drag and drop advancement. Just hold on your files and drag it to your Capebera location to upload. As easy as that.

Unlimited sharing with password protection

Have you ever worried about sharing with someone unknown mistakenly which can lead you to problems?
Then be worry free with Capebera! Enjoy sharing through links or emails with password protections.
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How do you want to use Capebera?

For Personal

Store all your files, pictures, videos, documents. Keep it safe with updated security, organization & get easy discovery for all your needs.

For Freelancer

Professionalism can step you up to your success. Make the best experience for your work with Capebera tools & features.

For Business

Your destination for your business is here with us. Explore the happiness of success with our special tools.

Who can use it and what for?

Every individual, family and friends can use it to tell all your secrets, keep all your memories, make your personal life easy and accessibility with the best cloud storage. Capebera secures & organize all your memories and essentials. Because it’s your soul that travels everywhere with you, just sign in and access!

Store with Capebera and have the best global accessibility sitting from any corner of the world. Use your favorite device and just log in to get started.