What is capebera?

Capebera is the ultimate pleasure for your chic experience. Get the best storage with security, make your team, work with energy. Make your world simplified! Get hands on the most advanced and effective features.

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Prioritize your work

Life with work never ends, so Capebera has brought you the features to arrange, synchronize and be protected. With capebera you will start loving your work more!

Arrange your resources

Anything that is scattered, stands to be a trouble for discovering so here we are, there to help you out.

Access when you want

You are the accessor and so we give you anytime access to your valuable resources from any gadgets with internet connection and browsing opportunity. Be on the safe side and backup all your significances that will carry out the sync among all your accounts.

One destination

Capebera will be your Assembly for all your documents. Keep them safe, organized, synced and know where you can find them in immediate needs. With us, forget those days of finding important files all over your storages and each and every folder. Save time & be at your elegance.

Get the chic experience with “Add Star”

Newness is the new love which comes up with more advancement. This feature enhances your discovery in no time. Keep all your needful in the starred location for quick discovery. Just “add star” to your documents.


Work together and know all the changes, updates and edits at the same time. Get the most effectual sync with Capebera cloud storage. Know everything over here without switching.

Be protected

Safety is the preliminary need so we take ample of security measures and carry out tests to beat the cyber-attacks. Be safe with your business, personals and freelancer documents in Capebera.

How do you want to use Capebera?

For Personal

Store all your files, pictures, videos, documents. Keep it safe with updated security, organization & get easy discovery for all your needs.

For Freelancer

Professionalism can step you up to your success. Make the best experience for your work with Capebera tools & features.

For Business

Your destination for your business is here with us. Explore the happiness of success with our special tools.

Store with Capebera and have the best global accessibility sitting from any corner of the world. Use your favorite device and just log in to get started.