Our mission

Our mission is to design a product in such a manner to garner all the significant information at a point of location so that our user can be effective without the hindrance of time and location.

The Story about Capebera

Capebera is that one single location for all your collection of your desired experiences, activities and works. It is designed and developed by the company Minds Insider, LLC. It is created by many experience developers, designers and teams who are well versed and experienced since ages in cloud vertical.

It is brought to light for a better taste of experience by the user for their work and personal activities in a sustainable and economical price. Its workspace offers unlimited creation for all the activities you think of doing.

It is wonderful for businesses, freelancers and individuals. It offers successful tools and features that make it awesome for being used. Few of its best features are offline mode usage in cell phones, no requirements of downloading for watching or viewing of any shared documents or videos thus making it tension free about its storage capacity of any device the recipients are holding.

It puts an effort to make the work and life of the user simpler, smoother and successful.

What users say about Capebera?

Happy clients are the bedrock of any strong business and ours is no exception. Read our testimonials below.
Capebera is very Simple
Capebera is a very simple and reliable file syncing. I love the features for Freelancer like Workspace. Even in free version it gives good amount of cloud space.
Nicole Vance Executive Director
Capebera works and doesn’t steal
Capebera works and doesn't steal. Capebera just does it's job and does it well. Thanks for not messing up a good thing Capebera.
Todd Smith Marketing Manager
Capebera is a magic
Capebera Workspace is a magic and works awesome from all my devices. As I am a freelance content writer and need to share content with many of my clients. I can create unlimited Workspace with each of my clients which makes things very easy. Thank you for the awesome work.
Cristiano Nogueira Self Employed
Capebera is one app that's always on my…
Capebera is one app that's always on my phone. Despite the limitations, I have been using Capebera for months and its been a savior, especially when I format my PC or phone.
Sheryl Barnes Personal User
Excellent App!
During this digital age, it is a must for us to have a place to conveniently and safely store our files. That is why, Capebera is really great because it caters that need. I have been using it for many years and I never encountered a problem so far.
Alastair Mackenzie Personal User

Store with Capebera and have the best global accessibility sitting from any corner of the world. Use your favorite device and just log in to get started.